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The company produces depolymer (Reclaim) rubber from the scrap of natural – butyl inner tubes.
We separated the process of the scrape – sorting – cleaning and crumbing unit from the reclaim process units.

Butyl Reclaim Rubber

Natural Tube Reclaim

Tire Reclaim Rubber

Recycling - The little effort on your part, for a big difference to our world!!!

The production of rubber is small - Recycle it!!

About Fishfa Rubbers Ltd.

Leveraging the art or skills of our professionals, we are global player in the rubber industry and already a world leader in the Butyl Reclaim Rubber sector. To meet the wide assortment of national and international clients, we manufacture the rubber in different dimensions which is highly applauded for their abrasion resistance and durability.

Fishfa Rubbers is a recognized company exports its rubber to 22 countries of the world who all trusts the company and its products' quality. With clean start up in 1971, the company has taken the quick steps to cross the porch and turn into Ltd. in the year of 2010.

We are rescuing up the natural and environmental resources, as we achieve the butyl reclaim & reclaim rubber through recycling, which furthermore finds applications in several vital fields, while at the same time eliminating environment pollution and earning Carbon Credit!!!